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Antarctica: Diving under the ice to study krill

Albrecht Götz and seven team members braved the Antarctic winter to do a quantitative assessment of krill. Diving surveys under the sea ice in the Antarctic winter had only been attempted once before ... with limited success.


Visuals from the deep

The SA Deep-Sea Trawl Industry Association is collaborating with researchers in an experiment that aims to assess potential recovery of the seabed after more than 100 years of trawling.


New marine science and species mapping project supports wise decision making

SeaKeys brings together marine biologists, students, citizen scientists and decision makers to unlock marine biodiversity knowledge and opportunities in South Africa.


SAEON intern wins top international Fellowship in Paris

Emma Gray is one of only 15 women from around the world awarded a $20,000 UNESCO-L'Oréal Fellowship For Women in Science.


How did grassland respond to 40 years of fire treatments in the Cathedral Peak research catchments?

A new study will provide an indication of the interaction of vegetation composition with fire. It will also serve as a baseline for analysis of hydrological dynamics over time.


Visiting Cathedral Peak - a landmark observation site for global change

The Cathedral Peak site is of significant relevance for society as well as for developing a new generation of scientists.


SAEON initiates lowland fynbos and renosterveld observation site ... with help from the Rufford Foundation

When fires destroyed large parts of the habitat of the endangered geometric tortoise, the SAEON Fynbos Node was asked to monitor post-fire recovery of the habitat.


Offshore benthic survey begins in Algoa Bay

The survey is revealing exciting images of deeper seafloor - a key step in establishing species distributions and identifying biodiversity hotspots.


From ‘underwater volcano’ to ‘satanic event’

These were just some of the causes listed in a survey aimed at testing public perceptions about the major red tide event off the eastern coast of South Africa.


Advancing climate prediction in the Tropical Atlantic

The Tropical Atlantic climate recently experienced pronounced shifts of great socio-economic importance. African countries bordering the Atlantic were strongly affected by the changes.


SAEON’s Graduate Student Network welcomes four new committee members

GSN members can expect a "wave of change" this year, such as the regional meet-and-greet sessions where members can get to know one another in an informal environment.


Scifest Africa 2014 - "Into the space!"

In keeping with its theme, Scifest Africa explored spaces big and small. SAEON’s popular Magic Planet took learners on a virtual tour to explore natural phenomena such as volcanoes and hurricanes.


SAEON Fynbos Node highlights career opportunities for learners

SAEON partnered with the SA National Biodiversity Institute to shine the spotlight on careers in the biodiversity sectors.


SAEON in the media

SAEON's people and projects received coverage in a wide range of media...


Interesting link

The University of California Natural Reserve System launched their fourth video about Mediterranean-climate ecosystems: Drought, Flood, and Fire.  The video explains how Mediterranean-climate regions swing between years of drought and heightened fire risk, and years of catastrophic flooding.


Blog spot

Read how CapeNature uses dogs to help conserve the critically endangered geometric tortoise referred to in another article in this issue



"Antarctica acts as an engine room for global weather patterns." - University of Canterbury website

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