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SAEON in the media

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In October no fewer than three articles were published on the Antarctic Circumnavigation Expedition (ACE) in which Tommy Bornman, Manager of SAEON's Elwandle Node, will be participating. The first, Santa is set to go in search of plankton, was published in Sunday Times (October 9). The second, Local crew gear up for critical marine study, appeared in Cape Times (October 25) and the third, SA span op geskiedkundige ekspedisie om Antarktika, on (October 27).

  • An article by award-winning science journalist Sarah Wild, "Knowing What Gave Rise to Africa's Savannas Might Help to Preserve Them", appeared on The article highlights a new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in September this year, co-authored by SAEON's Chief Research Scientist, Professor William Bond. Africa's grassy plains are thought to have evolved as a result of wildfires, low carbon dioxide, and destructive elephants. The study investigates the role played by herbivores.
  • SAEON was one of the hosts of the Kimberley Biodiversity Research Symposium. An article on the event, Symposium held at museum, was published in in Noordkaap/Northern Cape on October 26.
  • An interview with Hout Bay High School learner Clarence Daniels, "Classroom on the sea", was published in Sentinel News of August 19. Clarence was one of the SAEON learners participating in the SEAmester "floating university" experience on the SA Agulhas II during the second Agulhas Current Climate Array (ASCA) cruise.
  • The progress made by learners participating in SAEON's science education outreach programmes is monitored from when they join the programme until they exit high school. Tracking and monitoring of the learners continues even at tertiary level. In an article titled "From SAEON's school science camps to university graduation", which appeared in the August 2016 edition of GetSETgo, the online newsletter of the South African Agency of Science and Technology Advancement (SAASTA), Nozi Hambaze, education officer at SAEON's Elwandle Node, showcases the achievements of two star learners.
  • An article by Omphile Khutsoane, Education Officer at SAEON's Arid Lands Node, on an environmental science camp for learners presented by the node, was published in the August 2016 edition of GetSETgo under the heading "Learner says SAEON environmental science workshop is a BLAST".
  • "Are cactuses really blue?", an article written by SAEON honorary research associate Dr Richard Dean, was published in Prince Albert Friend in September 2016.
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