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The lost riparian woodlands of the Lowveld

The last century has seen a marked decrease in the riparian woodlands of the Kruger National Park. An MSc project completed by Joshua Weiss aimed to determine trends in riparian woodland cover on a temporal scale not done previously. 


The problem with trees-for-carbon

New research looks at the supposed benefits – and potential drawbacks – of mass tree planting.


DNA barcodes of pelagic copepods – first reference library from the Algoa Bay Sentinel Site

By determining DNA barcodes for copepod species, researchers from SAEON’s Elwandle Node and their partners are growing a barcode database. This can serve as an invaluable reference library and as a basis for next-generation environmental sequencing.


SAEON-supported learners win big at Eskom Expo

The six top-performing learners scooped medals, trophies, a Siemens bursary, laptops and R225 000 for a lab upgrade at a local school. Two of the projects were shortlisted for entry into an international science fair next year.


Introducing South Africa’s National Climate Change Information System

The information presented in the NCCIS can be used to provide insights regarding the country’s progress in responding to climate change and achieving national and international goals and targets.


Meet SAEON data scientist Glenn Moncrieff

When Glenn is not observing and mapping environmental changes, he is training students to use R or Python, and to conduct their research using free and open source software.


Another ILTER milestone: 2nd Open Science Meeting in Leipzig, Germany 

The ILTER OSM has now been established as the meeting place of choice for LTER scientists. The multitude and breadth of topics addressed during the second OSM fascinated and stimulated delegates from around the globe. 


ASCA-SEAmester IV: Another exciting cruise along the ASCA line

Despite three cold fronts that brought 9-m swells and wind gusts of 60 knots, 16 of the 20 stations were completed. Among the bird, mammal and weather observations, there was also time to conduct ad hoc biological sampling en route to the ASCA transect.


Perspectives on freshwater ecosystems in a changing climate

At the 11th Symposium for the European Freshwater Sciences held in Croatia, SAEON’s Brigitte Melly presented on the impact of the recent drought on wetland inundation patterns on the Agulhas Plain.


Species on the Move 2019 – Studying species responses to global change

SAEON’s Martina Treurnicht presented work from her PhD research at the conference, highlighting how demography, the environment and harvesting interact to affect the viability of Proteaceae species across their geographical ranges.


Working at the Tierberg LTER

“I am witnessing the limits that plants in the Karoo can be pushed to in their own environment because of the changing climate.” SAEON intern Phila Ngwilikane reports on her many and varied experiences at Tierberg.


Towards a future of change

An exciting and hands-on programme packed to the brim with a wide range of presentations, workshops and field trips ensured the success of SAEON’s 12th Graduate Student Network Indibano.


Preparing young environmental scientists to find sustainable solutions for the future

At SAEON’s Science Engagement Symposium, the Ndlovu Node’s learners addressed thought-provoking topics: Utilisation of carbon dioxide emitted by coal mines, Seed germination and vegetable oil and Sustainable utilisation of water within households.


Science engagement in the arid lands

The Arid Lands Node's science engagement programme saw staff reach out to learners, students and other members of the public by hosting three events during National Science Week, a science camp for Grade 11 learners and a special programme for Sol Plaatje University BEd students.


Prejudging at the Eskom Expo for Young Scientists

Seven staff members of SAEON’s Egagasini Node officiated as judges in various categories of the regional expo, under the guidance of the Node's science engagement officer and head judge, Thomas Mtontsi.


SAEON in the media

SAEON’s people and projects received coverage in national and local print, broadcast, online and social media.



“The Wilderness holds answers to more questions than we have yet learned to ask.” – Nancy Newhall

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