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A different kind of ecosystem

SAEON’s Wim Hugo advocates a manifesto for a new ecosystem, which underpins a quiet revolution in the world of scientific research and management.


Partnership signals a new era of coastal and marine research

SAEON’s Elwandle Node and SAIAB will now formally pool their resources with the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in terms of knowledge, equipment and researchers.


International training brings benthic camera techniques home

Techniques gained during a research trip to California - and a continuing link with IfAME - put the Egagasini Node on a strong footing for developing offshore benthic monitoring and research.


Marine microbes: it’s the small things that count!

Workshop investigates an integrated research focus on microbial organisms in the oceans around South Africa.


MoU cements partnership between SAEON and North-West University

By signing the agreement, NWU staff, students, visiting scientists and contractors have gained official participant’s status of all the SAEON nodes.


SAEON Arid Lands Node takes on monitoring of de-proclaimed Vaalbos Park

The Vaalbos community is expected to change the land use into a mixture of conservation, livestock ranching and crop farming, while small companies are once again mining the floodplain of the Vaal River.


New manager for SAEON’s Arid Lands Node

Dr Joh Henschel brings a wealth of experience to SAEON and its Arid Lands Node.


Our grasslands: blowing in the wind or are they 'a changing'?

An MSc study into grassland changes draws upon a rich scientific legacy … to inform organised agriculture about possible changes in a critical resource.


Education symposium showcases learner research projects

The symposium provides a platform for learners to present what they learned while participating in the SAEON Education Outreach programme.


SAEON joins forces with DEA to train teachers and learners

In two of the programmes, teachers are trained to present environmental content in a more professional way, while learners get to hone their research, presentation and debating skills.


SAEON GSN Indibano celebrates 6th anniversary in style!

This year a record number of 33 graduate students from 13 South African academic institutions attended the Indibano. 


The students shared, learned and networked

Delegates re-live the moments of the GSN's 6th Annual Indibano 2013. The event was a great success and everyone left Indibano 2013 richer in knowledge and networks.


Egagasini Node contributes to student workshop focusing on next generation of marine scientists

Students at the workshop were encouraged to get involved in outreach programmes as well as environmental education.


SAEON in the media

SAEON’s people and projects received coverage in a wide range of media...


Interesting link

Do you have a camera and a soft spot for our seas? Then celebrate our South African seas by participating in this nationwide photographic competition The competition is one of many initiatives through which the Sustainable Seas Trust (SST) seeks to invite support for the identification and development of 'Hope Spots' along our coastline.


Blog spot

Read an account of the experiences around measuring carbon in the atmosphere around the City of Cape Town - the triumphs and the setbacks, and the unexpected. Visit the blog of the Cape Town Carbon Observatory.


Quote of the Month

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." - Albert Einstein

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