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Probing South Africa’s blue carbon coastal ecosystems

A collaboration between SAEON and Nelson Mandela University aims to provide the first comprehensive assessment of carbon storage in mangrove, salt marsh and seagrass habitats for South Africa.


Wolwekraal - dynamic interface of people and conservation

Wolwekraal Nature Reserve presents an ideal platform for transdisciplinary studies. It provides opportunities for research in the social sciences, archaeology, hydrology, sedimentology and ecology.


Tierberg-LTER: there for you on the LT with ER

This SAEON research platform gains immensely in significance as the Karoo is poised to be subjected to major large-scale infrastructure developments, while facing global change. This opens a new era of research opportunities.


Collaborative research aims to broaden understanding of Nama-Karoo rangelands

Researchers at the Grootfontein Agricultural Development Institute and SAEON are working together to understand how grazing systems and Karoo vegetation respond to livestock grazing and stocking rate; especially in anticipation of changing climatic conditions.


Understanding the Agulhas Current’s complex relationship with our shores

The goal of Neil Malan's PhD was to understand the way in which the Agulhas Current interacts with the shelf waters that lie between it and the southern African coastline. But, says Neil, we still have much to learn about the ocean behemoth that goes tearing down our eastern shores.


Workshop probes essential biodiversity variables in species interaction

SAEON's Wim Hugo participated in the technical GLOBIS-B working group, during which a manifesto for the management of essential biodiversity variable data was developed.


Ambitious ILTER workshop on the potential for a global environmental research infrastructure

The workshop made the case for some 10 ILTER sites to form a global environmental research infrastructure. Participants are formalising the proposal for an LTER-based global environmental research infrastructure by way of a statement published in a scientific journal. 


The final "tow"

The last Benthic Trawl Experiment Cruise concludes the current project, which set out to track changes in marine life on the seabed following the experimental closure of a small area of the West Coast trawl grounds.


Ski-Monkey III: A call for collaboration

The large amount of data that can be collected using the Ski-Monkey III benthic camera system makes it an ideal platform for collaboration between scientists from different fields.


Serena Illig carries the ocean modelling flame at UCT

Dr Serena Illig, supported by SAEON’s Egagasini Node, conducted a free regional ocean modelling course using the Regional Ocean Modelling System (ROMS). The course was attended by master’s, PhD and postdoc students from as far afield as Togo.


Spotlight on long-term observation of the Indian Ocean

SAEON's Juliet Hermes began her three-year term on the Indian Ocean Region Panel in January 2018. She gave a presentation of her work at the CLIVAR Meeting held in Indonesia in March.


What lies ahead for the SAEON Graduate Student Network in 2018?

The GSN introduces its five new steering committee members and advises network members to keep an eye out for the first call for abstracts for the Indibano, to be hosted by the Ndlovu Node in September.


A year to remember

"For many people the future may seem quite intimidating, but this internship has given us the knowledge and experience to face it confidently." Two SAEON Egagasini Node interns reminisce about their DST/NRF internship experience.


Scifest Africa 2018: Breaking boundaries to establish a new way of thinking

SAEON’s Egagasini and Elwandle nodes teamed up for an award-winning exhibit and performance at Water World, one of Scifest Africa’s most fascinating parallel events.


Introducing learners to the wonders of environmental science

The Lambert’s Bay science camp taught learners more about the fascinating world we live in and the role they can play in protecting our environment.


SAEON-NMU marine science camp sets out to uplift the next generation of scientists

The focus of the camp was to engage grade 11 learners in a hands-on coastal research experience. They also met with practising scientists who encouraged them to undertake their own research.


SAEON in the media

SAEON’s people and projects received coverage in national and local print, broadcast and online media...



"The truth is: the natural world is changing. And we are totally dependent on that world. It provides our food, water and air. It is the most precious thing we have, and we need to defend it." - Sir David Attenborough

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