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Lightning, biodiversity, global change and Smarties in the mountains – say what?

SAEON’s Cathedral Peak research platform provides a rare opportunity to assess grassland vegetation change over time in response to different fire regimes or treatments.


Joining forces to build the 'cathedrals' of science

'Internationalisation of research infrastructure', the theme of the 2018 International Conference on Research Infrastructure (ICRI), tied in well with SAEON's growing participation in international Earth observation networks.


Tracing water in the Jonkershoek catchment

SAEON PhD student Retang Mokua is collecting water-level and water-chemistry data in Jonkershoek to unravel the mystery behind the streamflow processes in this important catchment.


What makes the South-East Madagascar Bloom so intriguing?

The aim of Fehmi Dilmahamod's PhD was to gain a greater understanding of the drivers controlling the bloom - to provide a better insight into the health of the surrounding marine ecosystems and their oceanic carbon cycles.



New research platform for the Atlantic Ocean

The Atlantic Interactions Research Centre is being formed through a new intergovernmental enterprise aimed at unleashing the potential of the Atlantic for society.


SA IORAG takes its academic networking programme into Africa

The South African Chapter of the Indian Ocean Rim Association Academic Group embarked on a whirlwind tour of three African countries to spearhead its academic outreach programme.


Expanding SAEON's strategic role in ILTER

SAEON MD Johan Pauw reports on the 2018 business meeting of the International Long-Term Ecological Research Network held in Taiwan, and traces ILTER's role in the evolution of SAEON.


Towards preserving the Indian Ocean and its resources 

South Africa hosted the 5th Indian Ocean Dialogue and 24th Indian Ocean Rim Association Academic Group meetings, which brought together a diverse group of scientists from across the globe.


Egagasini Node hosts a Reunionese intern

Tommy Gaillardon, a student in marine renewable energy at the University of Toulon in France, got a taste of the highly varied programmes of SAEON’s marine offshore node - from lobsters to ocean modelling and educational outreach.


GSN Indibano "impressive and informative"

This year's Graduate Student Network Indibano proved once again that it is an excellent platform for capacity building and training of postgraduate students in skills they require for their future careers.


Inspiring a new generation of ocean ambassadors

Find out what happens when a group of enthusiastic learners converge on the rocky shore to collect data for the LIMPET project, specially designed to encourage learner and teacher training.


SAEON symposium opens new opportunities for future scientist

Lee-Ann Moshe, a Grade 11 learner from the arid lands, has won the prize for the best presentation at SAEON's annual Science Engagement Symposium.


 SAEON's symposium was 'awesome'

In the words of one of the learners: Through the symposium I obtained knowledge and experience. I was inspired by the great scientists present and the work they do.


Egagasini Node brings the ocean inland

At the SAEON symposium, Grade 9 learner Zubair Jackson presented his work on desalination methods as part of a solution to the water crisis experienced in the City of Cape Town in the recent past.


SAEON programme hones research and presentation skills

All projects entered into the Elwandle Coastal Node’s competition for learners made extensive use of scientific investigation skills and were presented with great passion, which made it difficult for the judges to choose a winner.


SAEON in the media

SAEON's people and projects received coverage in international and local print, broadcast and online media.



"Science ... is made up of mistakes, but they are mistakes which it is useful to make, because they lead little by little to the truth." - Jules Verne

null SA Publication Forum Awards: 
SAEON eNews runner-up in 2015; finalist in 2018, 2017, 2016, 2014 and 2013
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