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On the shoulders of giants

The baobab and the savanna elephant are the giants of the African continent. The destructive behaviour of the latter has attracted negative attention to the persistence of baobabs...but is this justified?


Fighting fire with fire

Fire management is considered necessary in a landscape where human influences have become more prevalent than natural disturbances. Long-term monitoring undertaken by SAEON's Grasslands-Forests-Wetlands Node incorporates fires into the monitoring framework.


Rare honour for SAEON scientist

A new species of sponge has been named after Dr Albrecht Götz, a scientist at SAEON‘s Elwandle Node. Latrunculia gotzi seems to be restricted to the deeper offshore waters of the Agulhas Bank.


Uncovering the secrets of the deep

Offshore instrument technician, Grant van der Heever, reports on the ACEP Deep Secrets cruise, which was aimed at building understanding of the effects of the fishing and petroleum industries on marine offshore communities.


Understanding and modelling hydrologic processes in Baviaanskloof catchment

Ongoing monitoring of rainfall, temperature, surface and groundwater supported by SAEON in the Baviaanskloof catchment is providing useful insights on the hydrology of this vital source of regional water supply.


Digging into the dry wetlands of the Northern Cape

By studying the ephemeral pans it will be possible to evaluate the impacts and changes in these systems in relation to global and land use change, providing vital information to land managers and decision makers on the management and conservation of these pans.


SAEON salutes outgoing science education stalwart

SAEON's MD joins staff members and associates in paying tribute to Sibongile Mokoena, who pioneered environmental science education outreach at SAEON's six nodes.


Shaping the future of arid zone research

This year's Arid Zone Ecology Forum focused on a diverse range of topics - from the origin of heuweltjies to long-term monitoring, renewable energy, livestock farming and conservation planning.


Maintaining global observing systems for science and societal benefits

SAEON's Dr Juliet Hermes reports on the way forward for the Global Climate Observing System (GCOS) mapped out at this year's steering committee meeting in Ecuador.


My POGO-SCOR Fellowship experience

Every year more than 40 young scientists from countries around the world apply for the POGO-SCOR Fellowship. This year ASCA Officer Jethan d'Hotman was one of only six successful applicants.


Diving into the deep end

Information gathered by SAEON MSc student Hannah Raven will provide important baseline data for the proposed extension of the Addo Elephant Park Marine Protected Area.


South Africa gears up for active participation in Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA)

The recent IORA Academic Group Meeting provided a meaningful introduction to the functioning of the group, as well as South Africa's responsibilities when it takes over the chairship of IORA in October 2017.


SAEON student acquires scarce skills due to South Africa/Poland collaboration

SAEON's Elwandle Node and the Paleoceanography Unit at the University of Szczecin were recently awarded a collaboration grant, which is enabling PhD student Phumlile Cotiyane to hone his diatom identification skills.


Meet Benguela expert Dr Jennifer Veitch

Jennifer, a physical oceanographer at SAEON’S Egagasini Node, uses numerical models as a tool to better understand ocean processes that are difficult to observe using in situ or satellite data.


Our amazing adventure with SAEON

"The science camps opened our eyes." Learners who attended the Ndlovu Node's science camps reflect on their science camp experiences...


What's new at SAEON?

Read more about the latest SAEON publications, research papers and other SAEON news.


SAEON in the media

SAEON's people and projects received coverage in a range of local and international media...



"Anything else you're interested in is not going to happen if you can't breathe the air and drink the water." - Carl Sagan, astronomer, author and science communicator (1934-1996)

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