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New lightning detection network to assist fire managers across South Africa

Data from a Strikestar network sensor hosted by SAEON's Ndlovu Node will not only allow for better fire management in the Kruger Park and the savannas to the west, but will also be valuable for research on the role of fire in the ecology of drier savannas.


Historic ILTER Open Science Meeting a novel platform for global ecosystems research and collaboration

In October, 300 delegates from across the globe met in South Africa's Kruger National Park to share their research, reinforcing ILTER's status as an internationally acknowledged research network.


Towards an ILTER network of networks

Day 2 of the Open Science Meeting focused on exploring opportunities for collaboration and investigating global environmental data requirements with representatives of key global research organisations.


The Blue Economy: A South African perspective

South Africa has been playing an active role in the international Blue Economy initiative, among other things by participating in the Indian Ocean Rim Association, of which it is currently the Vice-chair.


What is the effect of bait when sampling with remote underwater video systems?

SAEON and SAIAB researchers set out to determine the relationship between fish and their habitat, and if the presence of bait potentially biased this observed relationship.


Drifter trajectories in the Agulhas Current - does it matter where they are deployed?

Five surface drifters were deployed earlier this year to test the hypothesis that a drifter deployed inshore of the Agulhas Current core has a higher probability of flowing into the South Atlantic than a drifter deployed offshore of the core.


An 'explosive' era dawns

South Africa's visionary Minister of Science and Technology has committed large sums of money to establish several research infrastructures. Two of those are distributed research infrastructures that will be hosted by SAEON.


Physical ocean modelling: testing international waters

SAEON student Alice McGraph reports on her trip to France where she learnt more about the nature and limitations of physical ocean models, and in particular the ROMS configuration being used in her MSc dissertation.


SAEON student waves SA flag at international marine conservation congress

In her presentation, Mapula Makwela highlighted how marine epifauna data can be used to refine existing habitat classifications of the East coast of South Africa.


Meet the PhD whose research interest lies in extreme weather events

Ramontsheng Rapolaki's research has focused on identifying the atmospheric mechanisms which may have contributed to the heavy rainfall event over south-eastern Africa in January 2015, associated with tropical storm Chedza.


Unlocking vital GIS knowledge and skills for teachers and learners

In 2015, the Department of Basic Education noted with concern that Grade 12 learners had not been attempting questions relating to GIS in a Geography paper written for their final examinations. SAEON's GIS workshop aims to offer a foundation towards addressing this concern.


Next generation of scientists showcase their scientific research

SAEON's annual education symposium provides an opportunity for learners in its science education programme to share their research on a national platform.


Meet the winners of this year's SAEON Special Awards

The SAEON Special Award for Best Project in Environmental Monitoring is intended to encourage learners participating in the Eskom Expo to pursue their interest in environmental observations.


What's new at SAEON?

Read more about the latest SAEON publications, research papers and other SAEON news.


SAEON in the media

SAEON's people and projects received coverage in a range of local and international media.



"Global change research is not a mere curiosity-driven specialised scientific pursuit. Instead, it aims for outcomes that will contribute to human health, social security and prosperity." - Dr Phil Mjwara in his opening address at the ILTER Open Science Meeting

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