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Insights from six years of river health monitoring

SAEON scientists report back on the findings of a long-term research project into the adequacy of water quality monitoring methods in the lower Olifants River.


Cedar-Zen science!

Scientists from SAEON and CapeNature are monitoring the status of the charismatic Clanwilliam Cedar, currently listed by the IUCN as Critically Endangered.


Profiling the Southern Ocean’s microbial community

During the austral summer of 2016/17, 22 projects will be undertaken by 50 researchers from six continents around Antarctica. SAEON’s Dr Tommy Bornman will join the expedition as co-principal investigator to study zooplankton and phytoplankton dynamics.


Second ASCA cruise a rollercoaster ride

The RV Algoa departed from Cape Town on April 6 to retrieve and service the moorings deployed during the first ASCA cruise, and to extend the ASCA array further offshore.


Safeguarding the iconic quiver trees of Augrabies

SANParks has teamed up with SAEON and DENC to monitor the Augrabies population in a way that could contribute to the conservation of the species.


A microcosm for studying global change

The Compassberg, in South Africa’s arid lands, is like a field laboratory for testing ideas and investigating trends that may result from global change.


SAEON takes IP protection to the next level

SAEON MD Johan Pauw mulls the reasons behind the recent registration of the SAEON trademark.


Celebrating women in science - from Cape Town to Miami

SAEON PhD student, Katherine Hutchinson, counts herself lucky to have three inspiring female scientists as her supervisors.


Changing the way...

At the annual Indibano of SAEON's Graduate Student Network, Rita Steyn won second prize in the Best Presentation category with her talk on methods used to investigate subtidal rocky reef benthic invertebrates.


From SAEON’s school science camps to university graduation

The progress of learners participating in SAEON’s education programmes is monitored - from when they join the programme until they exit high school, and continues even at tertiary level.


SAEON’s environmental science workshop is a BLAST

The popular workshops run by SAEON's Arid Lands Node engage learners in hands-on scientific activities to spark their interest in science and environmental science.


Adopt-a-Float, Adopt-a-Drifter Day

Four schools were given the opportunity to adopt a float and a drifter each ahead of the 2016 ASCA cruises, enabling the learners to follow their adopted instruments after deployment.


SciFest Africa 2016 - “A matter of time!”

SAEON’s exhibition and Magic Planet drew large numbers of visitors, who learnt more about our solar system, ocean currents and earth dynamics, as well as the biomes in which SAEON operates.


SAEON inspires learners at Science Beyond Borders Festival

Learners were introduced to a variety of exciting careers in the environmental sciences. Importantly, they were guided on what school subjects to choose to qualify for these careers.


SAEON in the media

SAEON’s people and projects received coverage in a range of print and online media...


What's new at SAEON?

Read more about the latest SAEON research papers and other SAEON news.



"Linking science to society, public understanding of science and the participation of citizens in science are essential to creating societies where people have the necessary knowledge to make professional, personal and political choices, and to participate in the stimulating world of discovery." - UNESCO, re Science for a Sustainable Future

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