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Mission Gilchrist

A new study is revisiting the earliest scientific trawl surveys conducted in SA between 1897 and 1904 - to assess how the fish communities have changed during the subsequent century.


Dusting off South African starfish

The last time an expert starfish taxonomist catalogued SA starfish was more than 40 years ago, and even then, this was done remotely. Enter Dr Chris Mah, officially the first starfish taxonomist to spend time working on starfish in SA!


Shedding light on Mapungubwe's disappearing riverine forest

Greefswald is one of the few remaining pockets of rare Lowveld Riverine Forest in SA. Yet its giant trees are declining steadily. To work out why, SAEON has launched a multi-faceted research project in collaboration with SANParks and Kansas State University.


SAEON launches Karoo Shale Gas Ecology Project

The project aims to develop a long-term monitoring protocol for shale gas impacts that can be rolled out across the Karoo as the zones where wells will be developed become clear.


Field school introduces students to environmental monitoring

A field school co-hosted by SAEON for third-year Geography students raised awareness of the importance of long-term ecological research in answering crucial questions about global change and conservation management.


Talking and teaching environmental science for sustainable development

SAEON MD Johan Pauw reports on the range and impact of SAEON's communication, science education and science advancement programmes.


Sea gliders to shed light on ocean currents off Algoa Bay

Two sea gliders deployed off Port Elizabeth were successfully recovered. Their data will be analysed to discover what the ocean was doing over the outer continental shelf during April/May 2015.


Networking with the physical oceanography greats

ASCA oceanographer Tamaryn Morris reports on the General Assembly of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics held in Prague from 22 June to 2 July 2015.


Mexico and SA to strengthen collaboration in marine research

SAEON scientists formed part of a South African delegation to Mexico with the aim of promoting scientific cooperation in ocean sciences.


Botanical interns of the Grasslands-Forests-Wetlands Node: outgoing and incoming

The Node's botanical interns function as an integral part of the team, contributing significantly to capacity within the Node while at the same time advancing their own development and learning.


Will your data be understood 80 years from now?

Writing metadata is not scary, nor is it time-consuming to produce if it is generated in parallel with data collection, says SAEON's Data Librarian, Margaret Koopman.


Street science

Postdocs from SAEON's Fynbos Node set up a street science stand at the Langa Open Streets Festival in Cape Town and invited passers-by to ask questions ...


Young water ambassadors use miniSASS to monitor river health

The sites sampled demonstrate the trade-off between biodiversity and productivity, a theme that will be carried forward as the monitoring programme progresses.


Three schools in Kimberley will always know from where the wind blows

By donating weather stations to schools in Kimberley, SAEON is challenging the learners to investigate, discover and learn about changes in climate in relation to changes observed in the arid lands.


SAEON in the media

SAEON's people and projects received coverage in a range of local and international media...


What's new at SAEON?

Read more about the latest SAEON publications and research papers.



"No one knows the diversity in the world, not even to the nearest order of magnitude. ... We don't know for sure how many species there are, where they can be found or how fast they're disappearing. It's like having astronomy without knowing where the stars are." - Biologist Edward O Wilson

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