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Forty years of vegetation monitoring in Namaqualand yields promising results

The Goegap Nature Reserve’s data set provides a glimpse into the benefits and impact of long-term monitoring and sustained partnerships.


The Agulhas Current - a fundamental piece of the climate puzzle

The Department of Science and Technology has committed five years of funding to SAEON to explore the Agulhas System’s significant impact on our climate.


Planning a special deployment cruise to mark initiation of ASCA project

A film crew will be on board to make a documentary about the Agulhas Current - to showcase this extraordinary SA oceanographic feature both nationally and internationally.


William Bond ranked among the world’s most influential scientists

SAEON’s Chief Research Scientist, Prof William Bond, has once again received the highest rating that a scientist can receive from the NRF.


A tale of three rivers

SAEON joined three canoeists who are paddling across SA from the source of the Vaal River up to the Orange River Mouth, to inform community members about river health and effective ways of monitoring it.


Exploring Magellan’s and Darwin’s legacies

SAEON MD Johan Pauw reports on the Annual ILTER meeting in Chile and his field trip to Navarino Island, home to the southernmost forests of the world.


Measuring the impact of invasive N-fixing Acacias in fynbos riparian zones

A study by a SAEON student challenged the assumption that riparian zones will spontaneously repair once invasive vegetation is removed, and yielded some unexpected results.


MyOcean Science Days

SAEON student Kyle Cooper reports on the latest developments in ocean forecasting and key elements that can be applied to Southern African oceans.


Landmark guides on invertebrates now accessible to a new generation

A database containing taxonomic and distributional data for South African aquatic invertebrates can be found on SAEON’s electronic data portal.


Environmental monitors win prestigious KAMOSO Award

The Environmental Monitors Programme aims to monitor the state of our natural resources and contribute to the more scientifically orientated objectives of organisations like SAEON.


The Elwandle Node’s nurturing journey with a top young achiever

In the 2014 matric examinations, Ntsikelelo Charles was the second top achiever in the Grahamstown district and the top achiever in the previously disadvantaged schools.


Omphile to further science education in the arid lands

The Arid Lands Node’s new education officer aims to merge her experience in Environmental Interpretative Education with the trailblazing work the node is doing ... to inspire a new generation of scientists.


SAEON in the media

SAEON's people and projects received coverage in a range of media...


Interesting link

Are we underestimating the ocean? Recent evidence from the IUCN highlights the carbon-regulating capacity of the ocean.


Blog spot

Photographs are a simple but effective way to enliven research articles and improve comprehension, but some degree of photo editing is normally required. This free photo editing software for researchers may come in useful.



"When kids look up to great scientists the way they do to great musicians and actors, civilisation will jump to the next level." - Brian Greene, Theoretical Physicist

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