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SAEON installs high-altitude automated weather station in SA’s most critical water catchment

The station forms part of an expanding national instrument array designed to research the impact of climate change on water delivery.


South Africa hosts first national GCOS science day

Participants from around the world gathered in Cape Town to discuss long-term observations of essential climate variables in the atmosphere, terrestrial and marine systems, as well as their integration into comprehensive climate models.


New Honorary Research Associate for SAEON

With SAEON gearing up to expand its strategic role in resource economics and socio-ecology, the organisation can benefit by drawing on Prof. James Blignaut's vast background and experience in these two disciplines.


Growing ocean research capacity in South Africa

The first Agulhas System mini-Symposium to be held in South Africa focused on one of the strongest, fastest, most dynamic and most fascinating currents in the world's oceans.


New manager takes over reins at SAEON’s national office

Dr Theo Jongwana is responsible for the smooth running of SAEON's support functions and shared services.


Towards a memorable meeting of ecological minds

SAEON's proposal for the first ILTER Open Science Meeting received unanimous support from members. The meeting will be held in the Kruger National Park in October 2016.


SAEON expands coastal modelling system for South Africa

Coastal dynamics around South Africa remains shrouded in mystery. In 2014, SAEON's Egagasini Node started developing their coastal modelling system for the country.


Dipping a toe into the world of ocean model engineering and development

SAEON's participation in key international events such as the Layered Ocean Model Workshop in Copenhagen, allows the organisation to keep abreast of the latest developments in the high-tech world of ocean simulation.


Fostering collaboration between North and South Atlantic mooring array teams

The expertise gained through this collaboration will be used for the ASCA programme, particularly in the calibration of MicroCATs and the generation of products.


Indibano 2015: An 'invigorating and enriching' experience for SAEON students

This year's Indibano provided a valuable opportunity for SAEON's GSN members to network with their peers as well as with established scientists. It also equipped them with some vital statistical and data management skills.


Science camp introduces learners to environmental monitoring in the arid lands

The camp served as a platform for the budding scientists to conduct their own mini research projects. They learned how to collect, analyse, interpret and present data.


Meet this year's winners of the SAEON Special Awards ... and they're all girls!

The annual Eskom Expo for Young Scientists provides a platform for SAEON to reward young scientists for exceptional projects in environmental monitoring.


Scientists of the future showcase their work

The annual Science Education Symposium provides a platform for learners to demonstrate the skills they acquired while participating in SAEON's science education programme.


SAEON celebrates National Science Week and the International Year of Light

SAEON's presentation highlighted the interaction between sunlight and living things, inspiring learners to be more keenly aware of science in their everyday lives.


SAEON in the media

SAEON's people and projects received coverage in a range of local and international media...


Interesting link

Watch this video, which highlights ten fascinating facts about our oceans...



"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." - Albert Einstein

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