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Finding Nemoscolus

The quest for Nemoscolus taught SAEON scientists something new about a place they thought scientists already knew so well - the Tierberg LTER site.


Monitoring the iconic quiver tree as an indicator of ecosystem integrity

A long-term monitoring protocol proposed by researchers of SAEON and DENC will aid in the understanding, management and conservation of South Africa's quiver tree populations.


Hydrology in the mountains

PhD student Faith Jumbi's research aims to improve the understanding of dominant hydrological processes and mechanisms of water flow in the Kromme River as an example of a semi-arid mountainous catchment.


Using photography to monitor changes in sub-Antarctic epibenthic communities

The outcomes from this SAEON study will shed light on how the composition and abundance patterns of benthic biota have changed around the Prince Edward Islands over the last 25 years.


Adrift in a sea of information

Do you blog, vlog, snap, insta, tweet, update, share or go live about your science? No? You should - or at least you should seriously consider it, says SAEON doctoral fellow, Rita Steyn.


SAEON hosts the South African Carbon Sinks Atlas

The Atlas consists of model data for carbon stocks and fluxes, summary statistics on carbon sinks, and spatial datasets showing the distribution of carbon sinks and climate-related information.


Leaving a legacy for community

SAEON MD Johan Pauw says it is time that a responsible attitude towards climate change is overtly projected by all politicians, decision-makers, government officials, households and communities.


Monitoring the health of our river systems with SASS

SAEON field technician Tshililo Ramaswiela reports on the SASS5 Aquatic Biomonitoring course and the skills he gained for future monitoring in the Vaal and Orange Rivers and tributaries.


Need help with your stats?

The hybridisation between statistics and ecology is revolutionising the way ecological and environmental research is conducted.


The Agulhas Current and its seasonality explained

SAEON PhD student Katherine Hutchinson's discovery that near-field winds play a dominant role in determining Agulhas Current variability, will help to inform oceanographers about where to look for the source of observed changes in Agulhas Current transport.


SAEON scientist outlines new standards and best practices vision for JCOMM

As the Vice Chair - Standards and Best Practices of the JCOMM Observation Coordinating Group, SAEON's Dr Juliet Hermes presented a draft vision at this year's meeting in China.


SAEON Egagasini hosts the 2nd South African IORAG meeting

The Academic Group of the Indian Ocean Rim Association promotes scholarly dialogue between member states, serves as a vehicle for the development of the Indian Ocean Rim concept, and coordinates research in the region.


Our amazing internship experience

Three DST/NRF interns report on their many and varied learning experiences over the past financial year while based at SAEON's Egagasini Node.


Empowering young scientists: A mentor's perspective

For the learners in the Ndlovu Node's education programme, the journey begins as insecure, isolated and fact-driven learners, who leave as confident, engaged and question-driven young scientists and ambassadors for their communities.


Science camps - a strategy to enhance motivation among learners to study science

The SAEON Elwandle Node's rocky shores science camps aim to attract young people to careers in science, specifically marine science - a novel concept for many learners from disadvantaged communities.


SAEON in the media


SAEON's people and projects received coverage in a range of print, broadcast and online media...



"Men argue. Nature acts." - Voltaire

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