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What do long-term data reveal about Cape Town's water shortage?

Researchers from SAEON's Fynbos Node delved back into the past to shed light on the current water crisis in South Africa's Mother City.


When even no clouds have their silver lining...

The decade-long data set of a group of researchers from US universities, the University of KwaZulu-Natal and the SAEON Ndlovu Node has become the pre-drought data against which to test ideas regarding two distinctly positive longer-term drought effects.


What are the impacts of global change on South Africa's ‘water towers'?

South Africa's high-altitude catchments are highly sensitive to global change, yet little is known about the hydrology in this sparsely gauged region.


SAEON wetland scientists venture down under

SAEON's Brigitte Melly and Betsie Milne gained valuable knowledge at the Wetlands in Drylands Research Network Conference held in Sydney and through embarking on post-conference field trips and collaborative visits.


Introducing Kogie Govender, SAEON's new science engagement coordinator

Kogie's greatest passion is investing in educator and learner development in environmental science engagement.


Learning from the experts how to identify phytoplankton

SAEON student Luca Stirnimann recounts his many and varied experiences at a taxonomy workshop in the UK that focused on the identification of key marine phytoplankton in the Atlantic Ocean and European waters.



ILTER 2017 - Towards better integrated research networks and infrastructures 

SAEON MD Johan Pauw reports on the 25th annual meeting of the International Long-Term Ecological Research Network (ILTER) hosted by France in the city of Nantes.


SAEON forges closer links with the Global Ocean Observing System 

Based on a presentation highlighting SAEON's research and infrastructure, the Global Ocean Observing System aims to include SAEON as an ‘affiliate' GOOS Regional Alliance.


Summer school in Norway zooms in on the climate dynamics of the seasonal cycle

SAEON PhD student Katherine Hutchinson reports back on the 2017 ACDC (Advanced Climate Dynamics Courses) Seasonal Cycle Summer School held in Norway.


Emerging researchers are equipped to become systems analysis thinkers

One of the main goals of the SASAC Emerging Researchers Programme is to highlight how the systems analysis approach can be used to handle complex global challenges.


Good hope for earth sciences

The Joint IAPSO-IAMAS-IAGA Assembly drew together three physical earth science disciplines and encouraged interdisciplinary collaboration.


Eddy with a why - SEAmester presents a vortex of science

Forty-eight science students from institutions across the country participated in a ten-day at-sea practical training course aboard the SA Agulhas II.


Training a new generation of ocean scientists and technicians

Skills transfer and capacity development of young scientists, technicians, interns and students is a key objective of the Agulhas System Climate Array (ASCA) project.


Indibano 2017: Yesterday's data, today's science, building tomorrow's policy

The Indibano, SAEON's annual student conference, provides a platform for students from various disciplines to collaborate, network and focus on long-term environmental monitoring.


Indibano 2017: A special place, special people and special memories

GSN committee member Amy Marshall reflects on what it was that made this year's Indibano special, and says “best of all was the sense of camaraderie that buoyed up even the most nervous of students, leaving everyone with a sense of ‘anything is possible'.


National Science Week - promoting science and technology literacy

At the launch of National Science Week, the SAEON exhibition served as a platform for staff to introduce the network to the general public and to policy- and decision-makers.



SAEON's investment in the scientists of the future pays off

At this year's science engagement symposium, the SAEON Kids confidently presented their findings on the environmental issues they've been investigating as part of the SAEON education programme.


Assisting fishing communities to improve their economic situation

A workshop involving fishing communities from the Eastern and Western Cape revealed that their environmental and socio-economic issues vary quite significantly.


SAEON in the media

SAEON's people and projects received coverage in the print and online media...



"Any understanding of drought effects on species, communities and ecosystem functioning that can be gained now will likely prove crucial in decades to come." - Dave Thompson, SAEON Ndlovu Node

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