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#RainMustFall #CitizenScienceMustRise

SAEON will soon be making decades of rainfall records - meticulously recorded by generations of farmers - available to interested parties. These records amount to a major opportunity for science.


What are the impacts of another year of drought in the south-western Cape?

If drought is prolonged, will fynbos experience a change or will its resilience ensure its survival? These are some of the questions SAEON scientists hope to answer using data from their repeat vegetation surveys and weather-monitoring networks.


Shedding light on South Africa’s poorly understood nocturnal reef fish communities

SAEON and SAIAB scientists used baited remote underwater stereo-video systems for the first time in a novel approach to study nocturnal marine fish communities.


Investigating historical ecological and land-use patterns as a basis for agro-forestry

SAEON is expanding its research into Maputaland to understand the relative impacts of land-use and climate on ecosystem dynamics.


Harnessing cosmic-ray technology to map soil moisture

SAEON PhD student Thigesh Vather’s studies have led him to Denmark and Nebraska to learn more about pioneering this new and innovative technology in South Africa.


SAEON - science programme or environmental agency?

Managing Director Johan Pauw explains how SAEON’s science makes an essential contribution to the ‘environmental’ knowledge base used by government.


Sustainable Ocean Summit: Advancing collaboration with ocean industries

SAEON’s Nicole du Plessis was invited to the summit to explain to delegates how the South African Marine Research and Exploration Forum had successfully approached the oil and gas industry to collaborate with academics.


Training programme in Ocean Governance builds vital capacity for Africa

Fifteen scientists from African countries such as Namibia, Uganda and Tanzania participated in the programme, which is aimed at building a sustainable core group of experts on the continent.


Remembering SAEON’s Argo floats

SAEON’s Argo team tracks the amazing journeys of the two Argo floats that were deployed during the South African National Antarctic Expedition in 2009.


My experiences on a fisheries trawl survey

Intern Leila Nefdt gets her first taste of “trawl-life” on a survey to assess the abundance and distribution of key demersal trawl species on the shelf and upper slope of the South Coast.


SAEON’s Graduate Student Network gear up to explore new territory

Members can look forward to an exciting year. In addition to the popular annual Indibano, there will be workshops focusing on research-related areas and skills. The Network will also explore novel ways to bring science to society.


Sharing fun and effective ways of teaching marine science to learners

At the regional conference of the Marine and Coastal Educators Network, SAEON illustrated how participating in the SEAmester cruise served to enhance the budding scientists’ learning experience.


Evaluating the work of SA’s bright young scientists

Being exposed to the brilliant ideas arising from the innovative minds of South African learners at the Eskom Expo was a definite highlight on the science education calendar.


Breaking down barriers between science and community

SAEON’s exhibition at the Science Beyond Borders Festival in the Northern Cape succeeded in sparking considerable interest in environmental science as a career.


What’s new at SAEON?

Read more about the latest SAEON publications, research papers and other SAEON news.


SAEON in the media

SAEON’s people and projects received coverage in a range of local and international media...



"Involvement of citizen scientists renders science more encompassing, as it is a two-way discussion concerning data, interpretation, and understanding and application at various levels." - Joh Henschel and Margaret Koopman, SAEON

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