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SAEON in the media

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A Women's Month Feature article on Retang Anna Mokua, an NRF PDP student at the SAEON Fynbos Node, was published in August on the website of the National Research Foundation. Her PhD research focuses on the collection, analysis and interpretation of data that can be used to develop a catchment conceptual flow model and aid in improving the development of numerical hydrological models.

An article titled Organisational transformation requires a culture of learning, published in the June 2018 edition of SAEON eNews, was republished in PositionIT on August 16.

An article titled Pinelands High School excels at Eskom Expo for Young Scientists, was published in AWSUM News on August 22. The article mentions that a project entered into the SAEON Kids' Science Competition by one of the Pinelands High School learners went on to win the competition.


Dr Joh Henschel's report on the spiders he encountered on a trip to Israel to visit Dr Yael Lubin, was published on page 14 of the June 2018 edition of The Spider Club News.

An article on the Arid lands Node science camp for learners, Camp hones natural curiosity appeared on News24/Netwerk 24, Noordkaap and Northern Cape Express on August 15.


Articles in the Vukani newspaper and Vukani News online on August 9, titled Scientists urge pupils to ask questions, highlight the National Science Week programme hosted by the SAEON Egagasini Node in collaboration with the Khulani Library at Luhlaza High School in Khayelitsha to promote science at local schools.

An article written by Nicole du Plessis, Workshop explores ocean economy in the Indian Ocean Region, was published in Position IT on July 1. Nicole is the coordinator of the South African Chapter of the Indian Ocean Rim Academic Group (SA IORAG) based at SAEON's Egagasini Node.

In an article on MyComLink of July 6, titled UCT crowns M&G's top 200, a Youth Month feature on Dr Thulwaneng Mashifane, a postdoctoral research fellow at the Egagasini Node, was republished after appearing in Mail & Guardian's 200 Young South Africans.


Grocott's Mail Online of August 28, published an article, Science Week all about democracy, on the South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity's (SAIAB) National Science Week (NSW) activities. SAIAB was invited to participate in the SAEON Elwandle Node's NSW activities during this week.


Dr Jasper Slingsby, biodiversity scientist at SAEON's Fynbos Node, was interviewed by Cape Talk on July 4 on the topic Forget desalination, first clear alien trees to save Cape Town's water supply. John Maytham spoke with Dr Slingsby about the work that can be done to make the Western Cape and Cape Town's water supplies more sustainable with little financial resources. The interview was also broadcast on Radio 702.

An article titled Scientists warn that little is known of long-term effect of aquifer drilling was published in the Malta News Gazette on August 20. The article is largely based on an interview with Dr Slingsby.

Dr Slingsby was also interviewed on RSG Monitor on August 13, SABC News on August 19 and CCFM News on August 20 on the long-term impact of rock aquifer drilling on the underground water in Cape Town.

An article on SAEON's Fynbos-monitoring tool EMMA, titled Fynbos-monitoring tool beats a trail for fire-prone areas, appeared in MyComLink on July 10. EMMA is a prototype near-real time monitoring tool that reports on the state and changes in vegetation based on satellite observations.

Dr Nicky Allsopp, manager of SAEON's Fynbos Node, was quoted on the status of rainfall in Cape Town in an article titled City of Cape Town calls for relaxing of water restrictions as dam levels rise, published in News24 online, News24 Mobile, All4Women, and Polity on August 28.


In August, as part of National Science Week, Thabo Mohlala, an aquatic scientist at the Ndlovu Node, was interviewed by MCRS FM, a community radio station in Limpopo, on the extinction of biodiversity in South Africa. In the interview Thabo mentions that research organisations like SAEON have science engagement programmes and send their scientists and environmental observers out to schools and to the community to teach them about biodiversity and the various biomes.

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