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'A new kind of environmental scientist' appointed to lead EFTEON

Dr Gregor Feig will drive the development of the large-scale and dispersed Expanded Freshwater and Terrestrial Environmental Observation Network hosted by SAEON.


Exploring the tropical abyss of Sodwana Bay

SAEON intern Gustav Rautenbach embarked on the Canyon Connection Cruise to gain first-hand experience in oceanographic sampling techniques… and to join in the search for the elusive blue fossil fish, the Coelacanth.


Cosmic-ray rover, an innovation in soil moisture mapping

With only a handful of cosmic-ray rovers worldwide, SAEON PhD student Thigesh Vather is pioneering the use of this new and innovative technology in South Africa.


Making marine science matter in the rainforest

SAEON's Lara Atkinson was invited to present an overview of the Trawl Impact Experiment project that she is currently leading at the 5th International Marine Conservation Congress in Kuching, Malaysia.



Investigating long-term woody vegetation change around watering points in the Kalahari

A collaboration between SAEON and SANParks has enabled the renewal of existing datasets, allowing for analysis and interpretation of data to better understand vegetation dynamics in the arid Kalahari environment.


ASCA 2018: The roller coaster ride continued

On 31 May the SA Agulhas departed Port Elizabeth Harbour for what would be a challenging cruise, but one which provided the perfect platform for skills and knowledge sharing among scientists, technicians and students.


ASCA-SEAmester III cruise provides multi-dimensional learning experience

SAEON scientists participating in the cruise were not only challenged to conduct research, but also to hone their tutoring skills as part of the SEAmester programme on board the SA Agulhas II.


The GSN spreads its wings out wide

Preparations for this year's Indibano are at an advanced stage. The GSN has received 89 abstracts for what promises to be yet another landmark transdisciplinary postgraduate symposium.


National Science Week celebrations showcase science in the arid lands

Learners and members of the public were exposed to a wide range of environmental science activities, including a Careers Fair.


Our water and our rangelands: Our future, ours to protect

Workshops with traditional healers and local communities, career guidance, exhibitions and interactive activities were just some of the activities on offer by the Ndlovu Node during National Science Week.


Raising awareness of the importance of ocean science

SAEON's Elwandle Node presented a wide range of National Science Week activities ranging from Women in Science lectures to a tour of the new Ocean Science Campus. They even took ocean science inland.


National Science Week aims to make science more accessible to young minds

The Egagasini Node hosted a successful programme in collaboration with institutions such as the Iziko Museum and the Two Oceans Aquarium to contribute to the development of learners' awareness, understanding and interest in science.


SAEON in the media

SAEON's people and projects received coverage in international and local print, broadcast and online media.



"Men argue. Nature acts." - Voltaire

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