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What else is new at SAEON?

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Juliet Hermes, manager of SAEON's Egagasini Node

Juliet Hermes appointed Honorary Associate Professor

The University of Cape Town (UCT) has appointed Juliet Hermes, manager of SAEON’s Egagasini Node, as an Honorary Associate Professor in recognition of her commitment and ongoing support to the oceanography department.

“This honorary appointment not only allows Juliet to carry the title of Professor, but also allows her to build on her collaboration within UCT, hold office space within the department (and perhaps of greatest envy to many, receive academic parking!),” says Isabelle Ansorge, head of the oceanography department. “The dedication and support shown by Juliet and her team at SAEON over the past decade is truly exceptional and I strongly believe that her title is justly deserved!”

Juliet also celebrated 10 years at SAEON last year.

SAEON eNews among top six in SA Publication Forum Awards

For the fifth year running, SAEON eNews was selected as one of South Africa’s top six e-newsletters in the Best Electronic Publication category of the Awards. The publication received a Certificate of Merit for scoring more than 75% in the categories of writing, communication and design.

The judges’ comments included:

This newsletter provides information that is pertinent to the readers’ needs and gives information in easily digestible pieces. The first impression of the newsletter is good, inviting the readers to read more. The article intros are brief and captivating and, in this way, the newsletter doesn’t lose readers who are too pressed for time to scroll through a long story. The language, spelling and grammar show attention to detail. It includes quick-loading graphics and a perfect balance between images and text is maintained. Social sharing buttons are prominently displayed on each article.


New scientific articles

Mills, Milton, Taplin, Allen 2018 Viability of watering Portulacaria afra truncheons to facilitate restoration of subtropical thicket: results from a nursery experiment and cost model.

SAEON’s Sue Milton, Gina Arena and Joh Henschel are among several authors contributing to this article: Early stage litter decomposition across biomes 


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