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Discovering new species from South Africa’s oceans

These exciting new discoveries to science will be included in the much-anticipated Field Guide to the Offshore Marine Invertebrates of South Africa, which is currently in preparation.


Sharing a name: an honour to bestow

SAEON’s Lara Atkinson says she feels truly honoured to share her name with TWO brand new and beautiful deep-sea marine species from South Africa – a hermit crab and a starfish.


A new era of blue enlightenment

Three SAEON scientists report on the launch of the Brazil-EU-SA cooperation in Atlantic research and innovation. This flagship initiative aims to improve scientific understanding and promote technological advances that will facilitate sustainable growth of the blue economy.


Time capsule adventures in Data Land

SAEON data librarian Margaret Koopman enjoys nothing more than sleuthing. The data and metadata she unearths are essential for understanding our changing climate and landscapes.


Using history to understand how natural rangelands in the Eastern Cape have changed

South African scientists have a lot to be thankful for when considering the pioneering work of South Africa’s 20th century botanists and agriculturalists, says SAEON’s Gina Arena.


Quantifying the water use of dominant land uses in the water-scarce Maputaland Coastal Plain

SAEON student Tracy Pearton’s research provides significant insight into the impact of varying land uses on available water resources.


Reflections on technical services and the technology push-and-pull

With the addition of two South African Research Infrastructure Roadmap projects, a new era has dawned for SAEON, says MD Johan Pauw.


Embracing the Blue

SAEON staff and students participated in this year’s Marine Science Symposium under the theme: Embracing the Blue - Unlocking the ocean's economic potential whilst maintaining social and ecological resilience.


Glider activities bolster South Africa's marine science skill sets

As part of the Gliders in the Agulhas experiment, a wave glider and a diving glider were deployed off Richards Bay in June 2017. These gliders are collecting data across the continental shelf between Richards Bay and Algoa Bay.


Best of five: Listing boats and 35 mm slides

Charles von der Meden looks back on the five rewarding years he spent as a postdoctoral researcher at SAEON’s Egagasini Node.


Richard on top of his mountain

“Richard Dean’s new book, Warriors, dilettantes and businessmen is a tour-de-force through that period of history, 1850-1950, which brought natural history institutions, projects and scientists in southern Africa to the threshold of the modern age.” - Joh Henschel


Adopt-a-Float Day

Initiatives such as Adopt-a-Float Day are aimed at inspiring high school learners to get to know and understand more about the intricate processes in our oceans.


SAEON in the media

SAEON’s people and projects received coverage in a range of print, broadcast and online media...

null Banner image: Errina spp., one of the species described in the SAEON-led Field Guide to the Offshore Marine Invertebrates of South Africa, which is currently in preparation. Picture courtesy of Dr Rob Leslie, Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.



"All great achievements of science must start from intuitive knowledge." - Albert Einstein

null SA Publication Forum Awards:
SAEON eNews runner-up in 2015;
finalist in 2016, 2014 and 2013.
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