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Stereo BRUV finds new purpose after blaze

By Shirley Parker-Nance, PDP* PhD, SAEON Elwandle Coastal Node mail.jpg facebook.jpg

The new stereo BRUV designed to investigate population dynamics in shallow-water marine systems has found a new life after being severely damaged in the Knysna fire earlier this year.

Baited underwater video systems equipped with a stereo camera set (sBRUV) enable scientists to estimate diversity, abundance, behaviour and size of fish and invertebrate species. This new small compact sBRUV system was tested and put through its paces in the Tsitsikamma Marine Protected area when disaster struck.

The first of a dozen built, but too badly damaged by the intense heat of the fire, has now found a new purpose as a visual aid at the Elwandle Node’s science engagement programme.

* The Professional Development Programme of the Department of Science and Technology and the National Research Foundation aims to accelerate the development of scientists and research professionals in key research areas.


SAEON Elwandle Node Science Engagement Officer Nozi Hambaze (right) with Shirley Parker-Nance

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