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SAEON scientists win United Nations data science award at COP23

The SAEON team’s winning submission consisted of a research paper that included prototype web and smartphone applications for an ecosystem monitoring tool called the “Ecosystem Monitoring for Management Application (EMMA)”.


Innovative agreement paves the way for a new era of symbiotic science

The agreement will not only enable the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) site for radio astronomy research to become a site for earth observation research too, but will create new opportunities for symbiotic science and provide novel platforms for the training of the next generation of scientists.


Are icebergs a realistic option for augmenting Cape Town’s water supply?

With Cape Town staring down the barrel of the taps running dry, the question of the use of icebergs as an alternate freshwater source has begun to raise its head.


Towards developing a regionally impactful, globally recognised Ocean Sciences strategy

A new campus dedicated to postgraduate training and research in the ocean sciences has been launched by the Nelson Mandela University. It is also the new home of SAEON’s Elwandle Coastal Node.


Strategic thinker to lead national research infrastructure platforms

SAEON welcomes the appointment of Dr Clifford Nxomani as Deputy CEO responsible for the National Research Foundation’s research infrastructure platforms.


A new ecologist for the Arid Lands

Casper Crous has joined the Arid Lands Node to drive long-term environmental research on the land surrounding the Square Kilometre Array telescope in the Karoo.


Realising growth and socio-economic value

SAEON MD Johan Pauw weighs in on SAEON's contribution to the transformation and growth of the National System of Innovation and the sustainable development of the South African economy.


Probing the challenges of a warming planet

Chairing a conference session was not something PhD candidate Ramontsheng Rapolaki had imagined he would do anytime soon, but he got to do just that while attending his first SASAS (South African Society for Atmospheric Sciences) conference.


IORAG SA hosts first Western Indian Ocean discussion group

The 10th symposium of the Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association provided a perfect opportunity to steer towards an Africa focus by presenting the work of the SA Chapter of the Indian Ocean Rim Association Academic Group (IORAG).


Thulwaneng sets out to advance coastal modelling in South Africa

Postdoctoral research fellow Thulwaneng Mashifane’s interest in the Benguela System was sparked by observing the dynamic nature of this upwelling system.


A walkthrough of our journey at the SAEON Egagasini Node

SAEON’s three Marine Science students report on the wide variety of activities they were exposed to, during which they gained an “immense amount of knowledge and practical experience in the field”.


SAEON conducts GIS training at South Africa’s Risk and Vulnerability Science Centres

The Risk and Vulnerability Science Centres were established to generate and disseminate knowledge on risk and vulnerability and global change challenges to local municipalities and other potential users.


Girl learners scoop SAEON Special Awards at Eskom Expo

The bright young scientists impressed the judges with their environmental observation skills. All of them moreover won awards in the overall Eskom Expo, and one was nominated as a candidate to present her project at the 2018 International Science Fair.


“SAEON opens doors to great opportunities”

'SAEON Kid' Pontso Mothibeli writes about her once-in-a-lifetime experiences as part of SAEON’s education programme.


Profiling African science at the Beijing Science Festival 2017

The science engagement activities selected for the festival exhibition profiled South African science achievements in a unique manner and attracted large crowds.


A jet-setter farewell! Celebrating the class of 2018 in style

The science engagement programme of the Arid Lands Node has ensured that the “SAEON Kids” have had practical, hands-on experience of a wide range of careers available in the environmental sciences.


Developing aspiring scientists through science engagement engagement

Intern Zonke Gumede reports on three events that have aided in the development of aspiring scientists through science engagement.


Stereo BRUV finds new purpose after blaze

The SAEON Elwandle Node's stereo BRUV (baited remote underwater video) designed to investigate population dynamics in shallow-water marine systems, has found a new life after being severely damaged in the Knysna fire earlier this year.


What else is new at SAEON?

Read more about new NRF ratings for SAEON staff members, new scientific publications, and conferences attended by SAEON students.


SAEON in the media

SAEON's people and projects received coverage in international and local print and online media...



"The climate math is brutally clear: While the world can't be healed within the next few years, it may be fatally wounded by negligence until 2020." - Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research

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