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Xolisa's research focuses on ocean dynamics


Xolisa doing what he loves best - researching our oceans

Xolisa Dlomo joined SAEON's Egagasini Node in January this year as a Professional Development Programme* PhD under the supervision of Dr Wayne Goschen.

Xolisa, who grew up in the Eastern Cape, was delighted to be able to register at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) for a doctorate in Oceanography. NMMU recently resurrected their PhD degree in Oceanography to boost marine research at the university.

Xolisa’s project will focus on a comparative study of the physical oceanography of Algoa Bay and St Francis Bay, concentrating on thermal structures and dynamics and influences of the Agulhas Current. Internal waves will form part of his study.

This young researcher's past achievements include an MSc degree in Ocean and Climate Dynamics, a BSc (Honours) degree in Ocean and Atmosphere Science and a BSc degree majoring in Chemistry and Oceanography, all from the University of Cape Town.

Research interests

His research interests revolve around coastal oceanographic dynamics, ocean-atmosphere interaction and climate change impacts on the marine and terrestrial environment.

Apart from his passion for scientific research, Xolisa has been involved in many different projects, including capacity development for young school children who come from disadvantaged backgrounds, SAEON's Education Outreach programmes and tutoring at a higher education institution (UCT).

* The Professional Development Programme of the Department of Science and Technology and the National Research Foundation aims to accelerate the development of scientists and research professionals in key research areas.




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