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New ventures for Sandisulwazi Secondary School


Nozi Hambaze, Education Officer of the SAEON Elwandle Node (second from left) presents the weather station to the principal, Mr Gouza (second from right) and learners of Sandisulwazi Secondary School

By Nozi Hambaze, Education Officer, SAEON Elwandle Node

SAEON's Elwandle Node expanded its environmental education outreach programme to the Sundays River Valley area when Sandisulwazi Secondary School in Paterson was selected by the education district office to participate in the programme.

Sandisulwazi joined the ranks of Grahamstown schools involved in schoolyard weather and climate monitoring when SAEON donated a weather station to the school. This expansion of the programme to a school outside Grahamstown will broaden the scope of data transfer between schools when learners get to meet and learn from one another.

The weather station was mounted on the roof of the school. The official handover of the weather station was attended by learners, parents and educators. Emphasising the school's commitment to the programme, the headmaster, Mr Gouza, said he was thrilled that his school would be participating in the programme.

"We are so lucky to be part of the SAEON programme as the real-time data will encompass the textbook," Mr Gouza said. Many educators articulated the importance of data handling in all grades, remarking that weather data collection and analysis would realise curriculum links and integration across all subjects.

Mr Mame, a Geography teacher, noted that "learners understand subjects better when they are involved in hands-on activities, and the practicality of the weather station and data would provide that platform".

1402.jpg 1403.jpg 1404.jpg

The learners were intrigued by the new weather station donated to their school by SAEON's Elwandle Node

The new weather station mounted on the roof of the school


Sandisulwazi learners enjoy their first visit to Scifest Africa organised by SAEON's Elwandle Node

Scifest Africa

SAEON's Elwandle Node also made arrangements for Sandisulwazi teachers and learners to attend Scifest Africa, an annual science outreach event held in Grahamstown.

It was the school's first visit to Scifest and the learners and educators enjoyed participating in the workshops and other awareness activities on offer. They particularly enjoyed the laser show celebrating the International Year of Light.


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